I Challenged Life Yesterday And It Suited Up

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Let’s talk about yesterday, shall we?

Yesterday morning I woke up with the left side of my face THROBBING as if I had the world’s gnarliest sinus infection. It started on the left side of my mouth, went up to my ear, and over my cheekbone. Eventually, I took my miserable ass to the doctor where I found out I had a TOOTH INFECTION despite having great oral hygiene. Apparently, I still have a baby tooth and now it’s making me miserable. Next thing I know I’m at the pharmacy filling a million prescriptions and feeling pretty good about getting that over with. My thought here was, “meh, at least today can’t get any worse.” Uh, I was wrong.

I had a shoot later so when I got home I took my pain meds and tried to focus on that. All was well. Temporarily anyway. Around 7 pm we got to my shoot and I’m feeling super jazzed about the location and the people I’m photographing. Everything is going great until ten minutes in when I SIT IN A YELLOW JACKETS NEST. That was painful but again I think to myself, “at least today can’t get any worse!” (ASHLEE, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?!) As you can assume, I was wrong again. It can only go down. Just like I did, but we’re getting there. After checking the areas where Adam and I both got stung and agreeing that we were both okay, we resumed and everything was fine.

We were nearing the end of the session when I decided to walk through a creek in order to try and get a specific shot. I took a step on a slippery rock and fell backward, head first, on to said slippery rock. I’m not sure if it was the sudden blow to the head or the fact that I was just really tired, but I took a nap right there in the middle of the creek. Eventually, I come to and after a few minutes, I manage to get out of the water. We wrap it up and Adam and I head home after he gives me his dry clothes so I wouldn’t be soaked and cold the entire drive home. (If we weren’t already married, I would’ve married him right then.) On top of all of that, I forgot yesterday was Sunday and I was really trying to hit up Chick-fil-A for their new gluten free chicken sandwiches. Which, obviously didn’t pan out because, again, yesterday was Sunday. Not nearly as dramatic but it certainly added to my not-so-great day.

As for today, well, I can’t really move too much because if I do I’ll cry. My entire body feels like I got jumped in a back alley by Hulk.

TL;DR – I challenged life yesterday and it suited up.